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5 Steps to Twittering Like a PR Professional!

5 Steps to Twittering Like a PR Professional!

It’s no surprise that social networking is the most popular form of communication these days. I mean, who doesn’t want instant news on everything from the latest celeb break-up to discounts at Target? In the last couple of years, with AIM, MySpace, Facebook, and now the Twitterverse taking over the digital world, social networking has become a must-have tool for new and old companies alike. Even the original concept of the company website is becoming an afterthought. If you don’t have a Twitter or a Facebook page, your company just isn’t on the social radar.

Many will disagree with this, but I strongly dislike the use of Facebook for company PR. There are advantages—video uploads, event calendars, constant updates, and comments—but all these tools can be done on Twitter in one way or another. Facebook is for friends, to stay connected with your college roomie or your Great Aunt Kathy. (Remember when FB was a special club only for the college crowd with a valid school URL?). Companies can now create group pages that you can become ‘a fan’ of, and if you‘re a genius (or one of those people with ridiculously good luck) you might have figured out how to get their company updates to show up on your news feed.

My personal preference? Twitter. It’s a social networking phenomenon and every company should have one.

Here are a few quick tips on using Twitter for sharing publicity news:

1. Display your company logo prominently. People who are already familiar with your branding will be more likely to notice your page. It also helps to have a non-generic background to help you stand out and look more official. With all the “fake” Twitter pages out there, you can never be too careful.

2. Follow other companies in your market. Example: If you’re a book publisher, follow members of the media and other book publishing companies—it’s wise to keep up with your competition’s latest news. They in turn may follow you, adding to your repertoire. If you’re in hotel or travel PR, follow travel magazines, websites, visitor bureaus, and other hotel chains.

3. Take out the trash once a week. Check your followers frequently and avoid the spam pages. The last thing anyone wants to see when he or she views your followers is a half-naked woman named SexyLady27. Unless that’s your market, block them.

4. Give, give, give. Always offer something—be it a discount, a link to more information, a photo or video, etc. People are inherently greedy—they want the latest news, information, and sales. It’s not about your company; it’s what your company can do for others.

5. Keep it up-to-date and interesting. Your goal is to make people come back for more. Just like you should do in press releases, post useful and relevant news. That can be difficult in 140 characters or less, but the limit does force you to focus on the buzz worthy info.

Tweet well and prosper!

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