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What Does It Take to Get a Scholarship?

What Does It Take to Get a Scholarship?

October 27, 2009

Because there are millions of scholarships available, you’re almost guaranteed to fit eligibility requirements. We have hundreds of scholarships worth millions of dollars that are available to just about anyone. Many students assume that they have to be brilliant, or athletically talented, or gifted musically, to earn a scholarship for college. What they don’t realize is that sometimes they just need to be persistent!

Be persistent in getting good grades. Many colleges award scholarships to students with significant financial need in the accepted applicant group — a grant that you don’t need to repay, just for making the cut and getting admitted!

Good grades won’t hurt if you hope to get a scholarship even if your family doesn’t demonstrate financial need. When scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit, without regard for need, students who have worked hard and achieved results in high school will be the winners.

You should also be persistent in seeking out other scholarship sources. Sometimes all it takes to get a scholarship is to find out who in your area is offering them: your church, your employer, your parents’ employers, local civic organizations. You’ll just need to fill out any required applications or interviews on time in order to be considered.

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