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    15 Companies Hiring Despite the Recession

    Are you looking for a job, but think you can't find one because there just aren't any opportunities out there? Think again. There are a few companies that are still growing and thriving despite, or maybe because of, the economic downturn. Excelle did the research for you and compiled a list of 15 workplaces that aren't laying people off, and that ...
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    What Experienced Workers Can Gain from Internships

    What Experienced Workers Can Gain from Internships
    By Matt Villano | Monster Contributing Writer  Out of gainful employment, out of job offers and running out of savings, Scott Stevens of Portland, Oregon, has turned to a familiar strategy to gain experience and keep his skills fresh: The internship. In spring 2009, Stevens, 35, took an internship on a sustainable tourism project for Travel Portland, a nonprofit destination ...
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