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How to Be More Likable: 10 Things to Do Today

G.L. Hoffman

#3 Be of Good Humor

This is so easy to do, but we often get all wrapped around the axle of professionalism. We lose sight of the fact we all love to laugh. Those people who make us laugh are the ones we want to hang with.

I have written before about the power of smiling. I am amazed at how serious people can be inside a business. For Cripes’ sake, smile a little.

Someone recently told me his work environment was different, it was ˜old school,” very professional and extremely serious. So serious that people didn’t greet each other in the hallway, even. I told him chances were good the people wanted it to be more interesting and fun. And he should lead the way. Changing the culture takes one person at the lowest level to get it all started. Company CEO’s don’t change the culture even though they take credit for it, people do.

Here are a few baby boomer tips to practice improving your humor. Watch The Office, Boston Legal, and Jon Stewart. And then talk about it the very next day with someone at work. Example: What was your favorite Denny Crane line? My favorite? James Spader’s character was describing the new hot girl and commenting on her beautiful neck. “Denny,” he said, “you should see her neck.” Slight pause for effect, he repeats for emphasis, “her neck.” Then the Denny Crain (William Shatner) line, “she has two necks?”

Generally speaking, most of us already have good humor. We laugh with our friends. Simply, use it more, even look for ways to use it more. Tell a joke, however badly, then laugh at yourself, if it is THAT bad.

The world is serious enough without all of us contributing even more. I choose to like people who are of good humor.

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