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Sleep Your Way to the Top, Ace Your Ad Interview!

Sleep Your Way to the Top, Ace Your Ad Interview!

Christina Macres / MediaBuzz

The Situation:

You just nabbed a huge interview with an ad house you thought you’d never be able to set foot in, let alone work for. You’re nervous. You’re excited. You know the company’s goals and objectives inside and out and you’ve assembled and reassembled your book about a zillion different times and ways.

Now what?

Experts are quick to recommend that you get a good night’s sleep before the two hour period in which you’ll be stuck in a window-less room and grilled in order to prove yourself worthy of the company’s sweet, sweet cash monies. And true, being well rested can keep you alert and able to answer those pesky “What if…” interview questions, but, alas, your capacity to catch a few winks won’t be the key factor in winning you the job. Sorry.

Your PSP, otherwise known as your “Preferred Sleep Position,” might just give you the insight you need to ultimately procure that corner office, those fancy business cards and all the business luncheons, conference calls and webinars your heart desires!

But how?

Researchers say that the position you choose as you drift off to sleep each night echoes the methods in which you manage your daytime waking hours. That means, the way you sleep tonight is the way you’ll interview tomorrow.

So, check out these four popular sleep positions. Pin-point yours and discover what your sleep position says about you! Then, use those personality traits to realize your strengths and passions, impress your potential employer and finally get hired!


1. The Prone:

In this position, the sleeper lies on his/her stomach with arms bent and extended, usually clutching or underneath the pillow.

Sleeping in this position means you are strong and dedicated. You also have a tendency to be stubborn, but are determined and goal-oriented.

Make it work for you: These personality traits might seem aggressive, and well, Madonna or Martha Stewart-like in nature, but never fear – these qualities will come in handy as you navigate the big and sometimes discouraging world of advertising. Mention in your interview that you’re goal-oriented and motivated by career objectives, not competition. Hit on this during your interview and you’ll illustrate that you’re a team player who doesn’t let a coworker’s success get in the way of your undertakings and achievements.

Moreover, your dedication guarantees that you’ll stand up for an idea or campaign you believe in. And your passion will make you a great candidate for a managerial position down the line, as your fervor will no doubt inspire your team and coworkers to do their best work.


2. The Royal:

In this position, the sleeper lies on his/her back, with arms slightly bent and horizontal to the waist or over the head.

Sleepers who don this open, exposed and expansive position are typically honest and sincere with a penchant for self-confidence.

Make it work for you: You make a good first impression, as your strong sincerity and openness upon initial meeting is very impressive. In the interview, concentrate on the fact that you’re comfortable trying new things and that you have a knack for handling the unexpected with ease. Your traits suggest that you’re a natural problem solver and one who others feel comfortable sharing their feelings with. Use these to your best advantage. Advertising is a highly social field and hyping these qualities will no doubt make a lasting impression.


3. The Semi-Fetal:

Sleeper lies on his/her side, knees somewhat bent with one arm extended over the head and the other resting on the opposing arm to form a “V” shape head support.

Sleepers who adopt this mode of sleep are most often peace-makers, cooperative and non-threatening.

Make it work for you: Anyone who has ever worked on a team knows the value of compromise and cooperation. Take time to share this strength with your interviewer and tell them of an occasion when you employed these methods in the work-place. Showing that you work well with others and can step in to problem-solve if necessary shows that you’re a vibrant and creative thinker who values the needs of other coworkers and clients. Hey, in the ad world, listening to the consumer and anticipating their needs is great way to secure a winning idea.


4. The Womb:

Sleeper lies curled on his/her side, with knees pulled to the chest, head bent forward and usually clutching a pillow or blanket at the stomach.

It is said that sleeping in the “Womb” position connotes sensitivity, emotion and artistry.

Make it work for you: You are not only highly aware of the world around you, but are are greatly affected by it. And, lucky you! As an advertiser, this is one of the most — if not the most — important traits you can possess. Why? Great advertisers pay close attention to their target customer while inventing new and innovative ways of seeing their world, their product and their brand. Quite frankly, this wouldn’t be possible without knowing what’s relevant right now.

Your book is no doubt the winning piece to your job-search puzzle. Bring your ideas and be willing to share and explain your creative genius. Just be sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before!