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Post-Holiday Job Hunting Strategies

Post-Holiday Job Hunting Strategies

M. B. Laskoff

For the unemployed, the holiday season can be especially stressful. Strained finances can make gift-giving something to dread. Potential employers are going AWOL in mid December, putting the brakes on even the most diligent job search. Even so, soon the holidays will be over and it’s time to get your search back on track, even though it may take a week or two for everyone else to catch up.

Fortunately, the holidays are almost in your wake, but you must remember that the early part of the new year isn’t quite business as usual. Understanding this will let you make appropriate adjustments and use your time wisely. Here are some thoughts to help you get your search back on track:

Reestablish your routine

Even the most dedicated job-seeker saw his or her carefully plotted search plan rendered moot around the middle of December. Some, recognizing the inevitability of this, opted to visit family or friends with the idea of starting anew in January. Many, however, made no such conscious choice and found that their search ground to a halt amid unanswered e-mail and unreturned phone calls.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, you may be finding it hard to get back to a routine that seemed largely meaningless for three weeks. But reimposing discipline will not only ensure that you resume productive behavior but it also will prevent a slow drift into depression.

So, start setting the alarm for a reasonable time again. Prepare a written schedule of your weekly activities, including to-do lists. And reclaim the space that you were using as your “office.” These basic tasks will help you recapture the mind-set you need when job-hunting.