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9 Ways to Ruin Your Ad Agency Interview

Kayla Baxter | Excelle

Not Asking Good Questions During the Interview – 49%

“What temperature do you usually keep the office?”

Most people know that you’re supposed to ask questions during the interview, but not all know what kinds of questions to ask. Asking what kind of perks you’ll get, what your salary will be, and related questions won’t endear you to the interviewer.

The Cure

Ask questions about the work you’ll be doing. Ask the interviewer what are her favorite things about that company. There are many possibilities.

Perhaps the most effective question to ask is: “What do you think my biggest challenge would be in this position?” This is the ace of interview questions for two reasons. First, it makes the interviewer think that you are very interesting in finding out how you would or would not be a good fit for a job. That is, it dispels the notion that you are just looking for any job. Second, it makes the interviewer tell you what qualms he or she has about hiring you. By discovering that resistance in the interview, you can overcome it then and there and increase your chances of getting the job.

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