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9 Ways to Ruin Your Ad Agency Interview

Kayla Baxter | Excelle

Acting Bored or Cocky – 63%

Yawn! Interviews are so boring!

Wow, 63% is a lot! While most people are undoubtedly more nervous than bored or cocky, some of the same body language tip-offs occur for both emotions. A nervous person may tap their toes repeatedly, swing their feet, or drum their fingers. Unfortunately, these signals also say “I’m soooo bored” to an employer. Boredom is also frequently interpreted as cockiness.

The Cure

Practice, practice, practice! A calm, unstressed and interested person’s breathing is slow and steady (this may actually prove to help you get rid of the jitters, too). Take relatively deep breaths (not the yoga class kind — you don’t want to scare the employer away) and pay attention to where your arms are. Let them rest on the arms of the chair you’re in and keep both feet on the floor, knees together, to minimize foot tapping. Leaning forward slightly can help show that you’re interested.

Next, how are you dressed?