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Are You a Net-Worker or a Net-Beggar?

Are You a Net-Worker or a Net-Beggar?

Ann M. Evanston | Monster Small Business

As Executive Managing Director of two Northern California chapters of eWomenNetwork, and sponsor for three other chapters within the organization, I meet these two types of people all the time. And I see a distinct difference in the progress of their careers because of their approaches.

Whether online or in-person, there are key characteristics that clearly differentiate net-workers from net-beggars.

You’re a net-worker if…

• You show up when you don’t need anything. 

• You practice saying, “How can I help you?” 

• You remember those you meet and often make referrals and connections. 

• You nurture relationships consistently. 

• You subtly present what you do and your goals for the future. 

• You grow and develop relationships so people easily trust you. 

• You come from a place of empowerment.

You’re a net-beggar if…

• You show up only when you need something. 

• You practice thinking, “How can you help me?” 

• You forget who you’ve met and neglect to follow up. 

• You wait until you’ve lost your job, your business is rocky, clients are scarce, or your health is uncertain to pursue those relationships. 

• You force your agenda on everyone — whether in discussions, emails, one-on-ones, or networking events. 

• You push your own business and your own needs so much that people don’t trust you to listen to their needs. 

• You come from a place of desperation.
For years I have coached clients, “You don’t know you need a network until you need it, and then it’s too late.”  That is the cause of net-begging: waiting until you need something to show up!  So if you are trying to climb the corporate ladder, expand your business, change jobs, or just make new friends, start when you really do not need to!