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Climb the Ad/Marketing/PR Career Ladder

Climb the Ad/Marketing/PR Career Ladder

Movin' on up?

Christina Macres

Finally, your foot is in the door! But, now you’re thinking, “How can I get ahead?” Patience, patience grasshopper – It’s good to be motivated, but bear in mind, making your way up the career ladder takes time and, of course, hard work. But don’t get discouraged! Check out these tips to make your climb a little easier. Trust us, the view from the top is worth it!

Work it!

Your main objective? Get the job done. At the end of the day, you can be the nicest, prettiest, most well-rounded person in the office, but that ain’t gonna get you promoted! You can also be all those things while standing in the unemployment line.

Step Up!

Don’t be afraid to take on tasks – that means extra if necessary. Being the first to step up , even if it’s just busy work, proves your ambition, drive and your ability to handle more responsibility. Believe us, your boss is noticing.

Lead By Example!

Just say no to office gossip or rude behavior. If this means properly caffeinating and/or getting your eight hours of beauty sleep prior to your big day at the office, make it a priority. It’s important to treat coworkers with respect and kindness, as some projects may require you to work as a team. Furthermore, when working as a team, take on a leadership role. If you seek a management job, leadership is an absolute must!

Get Involved!

Do you attend office parties? Go to happy hour? Get involved with office philanthropies? Well, you should! Although these events aren’t exactly listed as part of your job-description, they kinda are. It’s called being a team player. Make your presence known in the office and you WILL look good.

Get Smart! If a degree is between you and that promotion, well, it’s time to go back to school! It’s never to late to get an education and there’s no such thing as being too educated. Check out the MediaBuzz Education Channel for more info!