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How to Become a Marketing/Advertising/PR Professional

How to Become a Marketing/Advertising/PR Professional

Christina Macres | MediaBuzz

Thinking about getting into advertising, marketing or PR? Smart, very smart. With technology and internet industries booming, media professions can be some of the highest paying out there. And it’s not just about the cash: Successful advertising, marketing and PR pros enjoy industry perks, a high degree of self-determination, and the ability to rise quickly through the ranks. No surprise, then that media jobs are popular career choices. Of course, it ain’t easy! Ask any existing media professional and they’ll tell you it takes more than dedication and perseverance to break into the biz.

Think you may have what it takes? Check out our nine-step guide for the skinny on how to do your research, pick the right specialty and industry, get the appropriate training and education, build your network, and ultimately get your first media job … and maybe your next one as well.

Step 1: Understand the Media Universe

Step 2: Find Your Niche

Step 3: Education

Step 4: Assemble Your Book

Step 5: Network. Network. Network!

Step 6: Research Potential Employers

Step 7: Polish Your Resume

Step 8. Nail the Interview

Final Step: GET HIRED!