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Top Media Resume Keywords

Top Media Resume Keywords

Christina Macres | MediaBuzz

A good resume doesn’t have to simply convey your experience and personal brand, it has to make it to the top of the (not so insignificant) pile on the hiring manager’s desk. I in this competitive job market, that’s no small chore! In a profession where communicating on the terms of your audience is absolutely crucial, it should be no secret that you need to speak the right lingo to get their attention.

But how do you find the right buzz terms to catch the eye of even the most hardened hiring manager? It’s right in front of you: the company ad or online posting to which you’re applying is rich in keywords already optimized for the position you want. Why not make them work for you?

By tailoring the language you use in your

Where else can you find hints to tailoring your choice of words, formatting and what really matters to them? Here are a few ideas to research:

1. The company’s website (and their competitors). Look over their press releases, annual reports and browse the site for industry specific jargon, lingo and terminology that’ll make you more knowledgeable.

2. Recruiters and people in the industry. Who better to chat with about what employers want than the people who work for them directly?

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